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Made for Freedom is committed to bringing you products made with dignity. We specifically engage with centers that work with women who have been exploited and marginalized to provide them with the skills and wages they need to rebuild their lives. At these centers, victims of sex slavery and human trafficking learn that they have value, are capable, are loved, and that healing is possible.

It all started with a pair of pants…

“It seems strange to say that realizing my dream to help rescue and restore trafficked people started with a pair of pants, but it’s true!”Dawn Manske - CEO
Our Story

High Quality Fashion – Dignified Employment.

Poverty and lack of economic independence are the two root causes that make women and children vulnerable to exploitation.

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of dignified employment

Our partners teach women not only to make the products we sell, but also how a business works, and how to use their skills to help others. When women are empowered by employment and education, the cycle of vulnerability and extreme poverty is broken for generations.

Creating a World

Free of Human Trafficking


How Can I Help ?

Be an Advocate

Raising awareness is done through sharing the message about the impact of dignified employment. Advocates can schedule Going DEEP (Dignified Employment Empowers and Protects) events online (Facebook) or in the comfort of their home to create those opportunities which increase the amount of dignified employment provided for ladies around the world. The party would also allow you to receive 10% of your party’s total towards free Made for Freedom products.

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Be a Retail Parnter

Do you have the products that will attract today’s consumers? They are looking for products that impact our world in a positive way.

Products made by survivors of sex trafficking and those coming out of marginalized situations means each piece has an amazing story behind it.

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Contribute Financially

Be part of our journey as we join in the global movement passionately seeking a world without human trafficking.

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and of course…


As a social enterprise we exists to free and empower women from sex slavery, and to work to end human trafficking. Through the sale of fair trade jewelry, clothing, and fashion accessories. Our impact is two-fold. We employ women and girls to provide them dignified work and opportunities to grow, and we give 20% of the proceeds from our sales to job training and job skills programs for marginalized and exploited women and girls.